»Kate Merkle’s work helps to strengthen the inner connection to the Self and to release oneself from old entanglements.

»She works with the subconscious to recognise and heal old blockages from the past. Her methodology is comprehensive and is characterised in particular by the fact that she has a supporting and very healing effect on the entire organism in spiritual growth phases both on a practical level (motivational coaching, changing old beliefs) and on an energetic-psychic level.

This combination can help to follow one’s own path in life with more clarity,
strength and confidence.«

Johannes F., Berlin

»I am very grateful for the wonderful Theta-Healing sessions with Kate.«

»Through the regular sessions I have become lighter around many mental issues and the changes privately and professionally are always noticeable.

“Trust” in myself and my creativity, one of my most important issues I have learned to resolve through Theta-Healing. Also many of my beliefs and convictions have been released that I consciously and subconsciously held on to for many years. I thank Kate very much for accompanying me on my path and I am always amazed how liberated and full of energy I am after each session.«

Olivia P., Berlin

»If you want to be supported in an affectionate, enlightening and non-judgmental way, Kate Merkle is the right person for you.«

»For many years now, Kate has inspired and accompanied me on my personal path. Through this I have been able to build an essential foundation for my life and my work. Two years ago we also had our offices cleared of old ballast and energies by her, and this has indeed brought about some positive changes. In addition, we learned to better understand our needs in a gentle way. These multiple processes of change have brought more depth and mindfulness to our work. With Kate by our side, we are growing as an agency and as people in a healthy way. We are very grateful to Kate for her empathic nature and holistic care.«

Luiza P., Berlin

»There is hardly a person who has shaped my life journey as deeply as Kate.«

»And I was equally given the gift of being able to witness her development up close. Today she is one of my closest confidants and most important advisors. Her special skills in Theta Healing coupled with her professional experience, empathy and womanhood, allow such easy and natural access to deep healing.«

Mandie B., Co-founder Press Factory GmbH

»I have always loved to observe flowers and plants, to observe how they move into the most beautiful expression of themselves. With Kate I learn to feel it.«

»When I met Kate and started the sessions together my life started to unfold in an unexpected way, very authentic and most of all very exciting. I am learning to go further my own limits and trust into the inner voice that lights my path. For doing that there is some real inner work, Kate helps me very much on that. Words many times, at least for me, are not my best allies to express what I feel. But if I try to give words to the experience of my process with Kate, it is to have a wise advisor and healer that checks and reaches the different levels, times and aspects of my being. She is doing it with deep respect and appreciation. In a gentle and very forward way, very clear. I feel lucky and honored to learn with her on my path.

I would also describe the process with Kate as one that brings understanding, routing, grounding, a feeling of freshness and clarity. Life is more colorful as when you just open your eyes after a meditation or after swimming in a lake with pure water, beautiful trees and dragonflies. What makes it special is that in a way this feeling stays. The understanding and healing stay at a deep level and therefore I have had the possibility to unblock certain issues that were holding me. I am still in the process of the blossoming, the eternal blossoming but now more in my power and trust.

From heart, thank you so much dear Kate!«

Manuela G.A., Berlin