»Hi, I am Kate.
Each of us is a multidimensional being full of beauty in all its shades of light. We owe it to ourselves to fully blossom in our lifetime; to live free, fulfilled and in deep connection with all existence.«

About me

Often old patterns and beliefs can block the potential of living a multidimensional life. I support people by accompanying their exploration and providing them with the tools to transform all aspects that are not working and flowing in their lives so they can come back into their natural power and fullest potential, making beneficial choices which have an impact for themselves and the whole. I give orientation and I provide the inspiration to trust oneself as a reliable and consistent ally.

My life has provided me with the greatest teachings. Many different stations on my life path so far, every single stage deeply experienced and embodied. So many gifts from people who have touched my heart and soul, who were and are my clearest mirror so I could observe and recognise my own patterns. The places and countries I have travelled, lived, and worked have strengthened my roots and connection to Mother Earth and humanity. My fulfilling career as a creative entrepreneur has shown me what true leadership means and that with full hearted dedication you can create a successful life. Mental diseases, loss and death of loved ones have given me love and respect for life itself and the insight that we must embrace our shadows to ensure our light shines out. Masters and teachers gifted me with a deep perception into the non-visible dimensions, supported me in my own healing and development, and showed me the infinite potential a human being has. Motherhood opened my heart to understand how unconditional love and gratitude feels.

Here I am now, arrived in myself, in every cell of my body and in the deep core of my being, it feels good, calm and light, fresh and alive, secure, and powerful, free, and open. I am so grateful to experience this state of being.

I love life just the way it is, to exists right now in this age of time, I am a part of nature and the universe. I feel deeply connected with the Earth and all existence; meeting people touches me. I see the beauty of their essence. I see what moves them, what challenges them and occupies them. I have a deep knowing of what is needed to move forward and how to get back into our natural power. I see the obstacles of life as gifts, they show me exactly at the right moment where we can start to grow and blossom, to recognise our potential and let it unfold. Everything is in motion, we have the power of change, of transformation in us. We are pure energy and consciousness. We are the creators of our life.

I see through time with a long view ahead. I am hopeful that we as humanity will get through these shaky times of transformation and that together we manage to recognise ourselves as part of the whole, grounding our spirit in the rhythms of nature, loving, and caring for the earth and all living beings as well as ourselves. New models of living and working that are in harmony with the natural cycle of nature will emerge to the equal benefit of all. Utopian perhaps but feasible because everything is laid out and available in us to make that happen.

My senses and heart are wide open. Free from interpretation, I receive information which allows, together with the client, to project the self-healing movement and instil positive transformation in themself, their project, their business or their living space.

It is a great joy for me to empower and accompany people in all aspects of their lives.

Mari Nil, Salubrious Angel School: basic degree, advanced degree, universal master’s degree

Theta Healing Praktitioner: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Digging Deeper, Intuitive Anatomy, Soulmate, Abundance and Manifestation

Trainings and workshops:
Dr Brenda Davies, the Chakra System

Dr Bradley Nelson, the Emotion Code
The Gene Keys, deep dive Activation Sequence, the deep dive Venus Sequence, the deep dive Pearl Sequence

I am humbly honoured to guide and accompany each journey of your transformation and deep self-healing. Through practical guidance, conscious concepts, and energy work, you will recognize how to navigate life with clarity, empowerment, and joy. Through insights into the energy field we co-create grounded tools, which are easy to integrate and sustain in your daily life on all levels.