We create joyful experiences which enhance your natural being and support deep healing transformation.

Workshops, group meditations and conscious events.

We gather experienced yoga teachers, healers, bodyworkers, and artists together to create a program which boots your energy on all levels and supports your healing and wellbeing. We choose beautiful spaces in a natural environment where we can connect deeply with the earth, all its elements, flavours, and sounds.

Where we can feel togetherness as well retreat in our own sacred space to explore the still point. Where we can observe our mind, our feelings and experience our body. We prepare and hold the energy so we can explore and dive deep in our being, where our heart can open and heal.

A gathering in which we connect and exchange in an intimate space, where we can feel what it means to come home to ourselves and to relate with others, where we can learn and feel inspired.

Experiences to blossom from within.
Small groups of maximum 15 people.

Our program will be shared soon with you. We love also to create a customized experience on your behalf which fulfils your needs, your brand, or your company.

I love to give you more detailed information. Feel free to call me. + 49 160 8752962

Costs: Price on demand, excl. travel and accommodation costs. km@toblossom.org

»We can receive the deepest healing when we can experience pleasure and joy.«

Kate Merkle