Beauty is that which reminds the soul of its original nature. The inner space creates the outer space, and the outer space creates the inner space.

Space consists of energy in motion and connects everything.

The quality of the energy in a room, be it through the colour, the shape of the design, the materials and the light directly affect the person and the quality of the energy of the person, be it through his thoughts and feelings reflects unfiltered on the room.

To Blossom creates tangible space quality, where you can breathe and relax, where you can enjoy being together, where you can withdraw or invite, places that create a high quality of life to live. Rooms of balanced vibration are highly effective and pass on their healing and ordering radiance to their inhabitants. You feel deeply well, sleep well, are vital, healthy, energetic, and creative!

To Blossom creates spaces where creativity and concentration are increased, where one can be productive and which promote teamwork, where success can flow, where the person can expand and grow.

We share our network, and we cooperate with architects, designers, and artists to enhance your space to the energy frequency, which is needed to fully blossom in your life, your relationships, your work, and business.

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Price on demand, incl. travel and accommodation costs.

»If you want to be supported in an affectionate, enlightening and effective way without judgement, Kate Merkle is the ideal partner for you.«

Luiza P., Berlin

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